Wobbly Walrus debuts as Firefly Funhouse’s new special advisor on WWE SmackDown (photo, video)


Tonight, WWE SmackDown on FOX featured a Firefly Funhouse segment where a new Special Advisor puppet character was featured.Bray Wyatt had teased the arrival of a “new friend” at the Funhouse this week. This friend looked like a new puppet character called Persevering Parrot, who had conquered so much in his life to get there. However, Wyatt forgot to punch holes in the box that carried the parrot so he could breathe, and he apparently died before he could be revealed. This led to the McBossman puppet interrupting the segment. The puppet based on Vince McMahon’s “Mr. McMahon” character, who has been called The Evil Boss in the past, decried and yelled at Wyatt for losing the WWE Universal Title and for losing control of the Funhouse. He threatened to “shoot!” Wyatt if he can’t keep the Funhouse together, then introduced a new special advisor to the Funhouse to help run things – Wobbly Walrus.

Wyatt wasn’t thrilled with the new addition, but puppet McBossman said, “This is so fucking good, mate!” The walrus puppet quickly introduced himself, and that was it for the segment.

The new Wobbly Walrus puppet is believed to be inspired by Paul Heyman, but this has not been confirmed. Chris Jericho called Heyman a walrus on an episode of RAW 2014 and it led to “Walrus! Chants from the crowd. Others have referred to Heyman as a walrus over the years. We’ve already noted that WWE filed a trademark on September 1 for the name “Wobbly Walrus,” so it looks like this new character will stick around.

The Firefly Funhouse now features 6 puppet characters – Wobbly Walrus, McBossman, Huskus The Pig Boy, Abby The Witch, Mercy The Buzzard and Ramblin ‘Rabbit.

Stay tuned for updates on Wyatt and its Firefly Funhouse. Here are some photos from this week’s segment with Wobbly Walrus:


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