Will the future Lucid Air be the new king of the electric car?


Our friend Ben Sullins talks a lot about Tesla, however, he promised us more varied content by polishing up his YouTube channel. If you are talking about Tesla and you are not talking about Lucid, there may be a problem. Indeed, Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO of Lucid, was previously VP of Engineering at Tesla. Additionally, the Lucid Air clearly aims to overtake the Tesla Model S in every metric.Sullins asks if the Lucid Air will become the next big EV innovation. Based on the numbers alone, the answer might already be yes, as long as we are confident Lucid will succeed.

Lucid proves that he spent a lot of time making sure to launch the All-Electric Air in the best possible way. Many startups touted incredible specs over the course of the year, but that was often before anything could be proven. For the most part, none of these specifications were ever reached.

That said, Lucid seems to have gotten it. Reveal the car, then gradually unveil revolutionary measures, not forgetting to prove them with a real car. So far we’ve learned that the Lucid Air is expected to have an EPA rated 517 mile range. It can add up to 300 miles of range in 20 minutes, and it can get a pass under 10 seconds on a quarter-mile.

If we’re talking popularity and king of sales, the Air should be selling incredibly well to climb to the top. The Model S and Model X are massive sellers, so there is a good opportunity for Lucid here. On the flip side, the Air probably won’t be crossed against the Model 3 or even the Model Y, which are Tesla’s best sellers.

We will know a lot more next week. Lucid has an official reveal scheduled for September 9, 2020. Watch the video of Sullins’ version on the Lucid Air. So leave us a comment.


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