Will he win? Candy maker offers candy factory in nationwide scavenger hunt


ATLANTA (CNN) – An eccentric candy maker has launched a nationwide scavenger hunt, sending sugar freaks into a frenzy. They will have to pay to play for the ultimate prize – one of his candy factories.Instead of Willy Wonka, entrants get David Klein, one of the original inventors of Jelly Belly jelly beans who has since left the company. He entrusts a candy factory to the one who wins his treasure hunt, only this hunt touches Oompa Loompas and spoils the children.

How to play the treasure hunt

The game goes like this: Participants pay $ 49.99 to participate in the scavenger hunt, which takes place in all states (although Klein said he’s still working to plant the treasure in all 50 states). Only 1,000 tickets are sold per state, and anyone who purchases a ticket is eligible to win the Klein Factory.

But only one player or family will find the golden ticket (actually a golden identity tag) in each state, depending on a puzzle they receive. Whoever finds the dog tag wins $ 5,000.

The mysterious candy factory is the ultimate prize, and with it comes full ownership of the building and a candy-making course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Klein said. Anyone who claims the candy factory can start their own confectionery business, although Klein will offer his confectionery expertise if needed.

“The world needs something positive to get rid of its problems,” he said.

It’s a bucket list item

The similarities with Mr. Wonka are intentional. Klein said he had been planning to donate one of his daily candy factories since the 1970s when he appeared on a local talk show and tossed bags of Jelly Belly jelly candy in the audience while “The Candy Man” – made famous in 1971 “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” – performed.

“It’s on my bucket list,” he says. “Now we’re finally doing it, and we’re hoping to bring some joy to the world right now. ”

Klein invented the Jelly Belly jelly bean in 1976, although he left the company a few years later (it is now run by the descendants of famous candy maker Gustav Goelitz). Klein now operates Candyman Kitchens, where he sells candy sand, crime scene-inspired “blood clots” and personalized candy. Jelly Belly is not involved in her new treasure hunt.

Participants still have questions

In the Facebook group for Klein’s challenge, reactions are mixed. Some users accuse Klein of cheating them for money (Klein said the contest and its promises were legitimate). Others celebrate when they are finally able to buy tickets.

The factory remains a point of contention and confusion among those in the group. Candyman Kitchens is registered in north central Florida, although she operated a recently closed store in Clearwater on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Klein wrote in the Facebook group that the plant is in Florida but did not specify where.

Many of them don’t know exactly what they signed up for. Details are still unclear on when they will receive a riddle, where in the state the golden ticket will be and in what form the factory they could win. But many of them are ready to play nonetheless – at the very least, they’ll get out of the house.

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