Why the Tour de France is a unique and inclusive event


Aas a sports writer the best way to get the words out is to immerse yourself in the action. When you spend several days living and breathing a sport, team, or event, you can almost feel like the keys on your laptop are pressing; the sentences are already formed in your mind and the article is absorbed by the screen in front of you like ink on a page.

In the Tour de France, there are more opportunities than most events to get closer to the action. After all, where can you get inches from the grimacing faces of the athletes standing in the middle of their arena as they roll?

In many ways, the Tour is a unique experience. You drive to the start, where fans, officials and racers buzz. There you talk to other reporters or a team manager, or just observe something worth writing later. Then you head to the media center at the finish to make a hole and watch the race, perhaps via a stop along the way to watch the peloton go by.


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