Why the reported Hornqvist-Matheson trade is delayed


Just a quick update on the reported Patric Hornqvist / Mike Matheson trade between Florida and Pittsburgh:

It was a possibility. A few sources said on Wednesday afternoon that the trade is collapsing, but I am careful about this because you never know what can happen.

Both teams were thinking about it and from what I understand there were two obstacles. The first was Hornqvist’s non-trade. The second is his contract. The Panthers had concerns about injury insurance, and would the winger’s deal be covered?

General manager Bill Zito was in Columbus when the Blue Jackets had a similar issue with Nathan Horton. This contract was uninsured and, therefore, a financial headache when he couldn’t play for the last six seasons of it. (Eventually, they traded Horton in Toronto for David Clarkson, a move that allowed the Maple Leafs to resort to long-term injury repair.)

You can see why Zito would be concerned about this.

Either way, it looks like the news got out before either issue was sorted out. One obstacle would be difficult enough… but two? Big problem. Difficult for the teams and players involved because you don’t want it to come out if you can’t make it.


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