Why do Patriots coaches never yell at James White? Jason McCourty explains


James White’s value to the Patriots has never been more evident than on Sunday night when he was naturally inactive in New England’s Week 2 loss to the Seattle Seahawks due to the tragic death of his father. , Tyrone, in a car accident.

Patriots running backs usually feast on Seattle’s Cover-3 defense, but Rex Burkhead only managed four catches for 47 yards in Week 2. Sony Michel was also targeted but did not register a reception. .

The respect White has garnered among the Patriots and the NFL is also evident since news of White’s loss broke on Sunday night with condolences to the running back from afar.

Patriots cornerback Jason McCourty praised his teammate and fellow captain on a conference call Tuesday afternoon when he shared a funny anecdote about when the two initially became teammates.

“I remember talking to (offensive coordinator Josh) McDaniels about him and wondering why you never saw James get yelled at on the offensive end of the ball,” McCourty said. “And I remember he said, ‘James is the kind of guy where you tell him something on the first day of training camp and by the time you get to the Super Bowl, that same note you gave him. , he remembers it and is executed on the ground. And I think it’s just a tribute to the consistency he has as a person.

There is a lot of screaming at Gillette Stadium. The fact that White is never a recipient is certainly telling.

“I think it’s just a tribute to the consistency he has as a person, the way he connects with the rest of the running back room and the rest of the offense,” McCourty said. . “He’s a guy who’s a captain. He’s a leader here on our football team, and he’s a guy we look to for leadership, to guide us through whatever we go through. So it hurts for him, and I know a lot of the guys in his locker room feel the same way. And we’re going to try to do all we can for him and be there for him through this loss.


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