White House hits out at FBI director for dismissing Trump’s election fraud allegations


The White House denounced the FBI director on Friday after he testified that there was no evidence of widespread election fraud in a major election.

In the Trump administration’s latest criticism of Christopher Wray, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said the director could change his mind if he got involved in the investigation of fraud allegations .

“With all due respect to Director Wray, he has a hard time finding emails in his own FBI let alone determining if there is any electoral fraud,” Mr Meadows said in an interview. with CBS This Morning.

“It’s a very different case,” he added. “The rules are being changed and what I am suggesting is that he could perhaps deepen the investigation that has just started, others that we are seeing in North Carolina and others. places where several ballots, duplicate ballots, are sent. . Maybe he needs to get involved in the field and he would change his testimony on Capitol Hill.

Mr Meadows’ comments were the White House’s second big rebuke last week after Donald Trump hinted that he was “looking at a lot of different things” when asked if he was looking to replace the director of the FBI.

“I didn’t like his answers yesterday and I’m not sure he liked them either. I’m sure he would probably agree with me, ”Mr. Trump said after Mr. Wray’s comments on Russian election interference.

The latest criticism comes a day after Mr Wray’s testimony before a Senate committee on homeland security and government affairs contradicted Donald Trump’s claims that a blanket mail ballot would lead to widespread electoral fraud.

“We have never seen, historically, any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election, whether by mail or otherwise,” Wray said.

Postal voting returned to the center of attention this week after Mr. Trump used the election fraud claim by refusing to engage in a peaceful transfer of power, saying he would only lose the election. ‘in the event of electoral fraud.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany tried to clarify what the president said on Thursday, saying he was answering the question of whether he would accept a peaceful transfer of power “to win, lose or draw.”

“I’m not quite sure why he would accept a transfer of power, it may be the deranged wish of this journalist, but this is not the way the government works,” she said. declared.

Mr Meadows reiterated the sentiment on Friday, saying the president is committed to a peaceful transfer as long as it is a fair election, but saying the Justice Department has opened an investigation into servicemen found abandoned in Pennsylvania.

We now know that the Department of Justice is investigating the rejected ballots by Pennsylvania veterans. It is very disturbing.

The Justice Department and the FBI said the investigation of nine recovered mail ballots ruled out key Pennsylvania battlefield state on Monday, seven of which were for Mr. Trump while two were “unknown.” because they were sealed.

The ballots were found in Luzerne County, which Trump comfortably won in 2016.

Mr Trump referred to the inquiry on Thursday, saying “they throw them out if they have the name ‘Trump’ I guess.”


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