White Castle rolls out new ‘Crave Clutch’ boxes for the age of social distancing


The new packaging is called “Crave Clutch,” and each contains 20 sliders and four small fries and costs $ 20 in most places. This is the first time that the 99-year-old burger chain has introduced new packaging in 16 years.

“The Crave Clutch is something that we’ve been working behind the ‘castle walls’ for quite some time,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president of White Castle, in a press release. “In the face of the pandemic, we have decided that now is the perfect time to introduce this new size Slider packaging. “

The Crave pouch features a cardboard handle with faux leather stitching – fancy! – facilitating transportation home or to distant and outdoor meeting places. One side of the clutch looks like an old-fashioned boombox.

White Castle already has a 10-slider bag and a 30-slider holster, but the 20-pack clutch is a good choice for “family meals and small gatherings,” the company said.

Cursors are also available in packs of seven, eight, or nine, and if you really want to go wild – or just trying to feed a lot of people – White Castle sells 100 cursors in their Crave Crate, which was the last new pack launched. in 2004.

The fast food chain is focusing on innovation this year. In July, the company announced it was testing a hamburger cooking robot named Flippy.


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