What was Adam Carolla’s tweet about bracelets and stew


Illustration from the article titled The Best Responses to Adam Carollas' Weird Tweet About Bracelets and Stew

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There is perhaps nothing funnier about the modern American conservative than his obsession with a perceived death of “masculinity.” »You have the guys who look like Seb Gorka cry Arthur cartoons while urging men to wear axes around on their backs as when we were kids. But, hey, that kind of bottom feed helps these guys sell their brain pills so whenever they need a slam-dunk they’re just going to tweet with a picture of John Wayne next to a drag queen and call it a day. Or, if you’re Adam Carolla, apparently you shoot the Trump-limply-holds-up-a-Bible approaches and fart this:

Illustration from the article titled The Best Responses to Adam Carollas' Weird Tweet About Bracelets and Stew

Screenshot: Twitter

Carolla, the Man show host become“Safe space” -decrier whose new thing is call people “pussy” to worry about a global pandemic, drummed that buzzing Dinger over two weeks ago, but it resurfaced last night after another uproar over its COVID-19 garbage is taking. And, while everyone seemed to understand those Carolla was trying to do here – implying that the men are not as manly as they used to be… they were left deeply puzzled by the way in which he sought to do so.

Bracelets? Does this include watches? FitBits? And what kind of stews? Meat stews? He knows you can do soy stews, right? He knows you can eat stew while wearing a bracelet, right? What is this joke? Why is there a space after the bracelets? Was he working with different punchlines?

Of course, the chaotic randomness of the tweet became a joke in itself.

Which then turned into a cheerful role-playing game:

Which then turned into dunks on Carolla himself:

And future Etsy purchases:

And, finally, appreciation:

Carolla didn’t delete the tweet and it doesn’t look like he will, which, hey, respects. His only response, however, was to one of the tamer tweets flooding his mentions. “That’s right, I’m having stew for dinner tonight!” It’s going to get so manly! wrote a user.

“Enjoy,” Carolla replied.


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