What caused the number of COVID-19 cases in British Columbia to drop suddenly from 522?


VANCOUVER – Tuesday’s COVID-19 update for British Columbia wouldn’t have been particularly striking if it weren’t for an unusually large drop in active cases. Although authorities announced 96 more infections, the province’s active workload fell to 1,465 from 1,987 on Monday.

This represents a decrease of 522 cases, or about 25%. The number of cases – an unprecedented sharp drop in British Columbia, where the number of active cases has generally been fairly stable, whether it is increasing or decreasing.

The cause? An equally incredible peak in recoveries. The total number of recovered cases in British Columbia rose to 6,589 on Tuesday, an increase of 617 from Monday.

The Department of Health told CTV News that this was largely the result of a delay in reporting recovery data in the Vancouver area.

“The big change in the total number of cases recovered today reflects Vancouver Coastal Health’s delay in notifying (the BC Center for Disease Control) of cases recovered over the past month, as they moved to a new system data collection, ”a spokesperson said in an email.

“The system is now fully implemented and the data is up to date. All cases were assessed and ruled out by public health isolation at the appropriate time. ”

Previously, the highest number of recoveries reported in a single day was 121 cases in March.

It is not known if further data reporting has been delayed due to the health authority’s transition to a new collection system, but the number of reported cases in the Vancouver Coastal Health area increased during the week. last.

The province-wide increase of 96 new cases announced on Tuesday was also lower than the previous seven-day average of 132 cases per day.

CTV News has contacted Vancouver Coastal Health for more information on the transition.


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