Weenie Baby Pee Pants White Sox Plunk Willson Contreras because they didn’t like his bat


Because they’re kids with tiny, fragile egos, the White Sox chose to plunge Willson Contreras in the 7th inning after his titanic bat-flip earlier in the game.White Sox reliever Jimmy Cordero and manager Rick Renteria, who came to argue for some reason, were both excluded from the game. Cordero threw it high, and he deserved to be started immediately (and deserves a suspension too):

It’s the team led by Tim Anderson, you notice, one of the funniest and most entertaining players in the game. You’d think they’d be a little more mature about it by now.

Proving that the best revenge is to live well, Willson Contreras’s bat reversed the shot by bullet, took his base and then scored.

Recall – it’s great, and it was a defining moment for the Cubs’ bats, so he deserved it:


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