Weekend dorms amid COVID-19 could see hundreds of Western University students face sanctions


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Chris Mackie, Middlesex-London’s medical officer of health, said he has been contacted by students and others concerned about what was going on in residences before FoCo.

“There was someone who was concerned that the students would be notified before the inspectors arrived,” Mackie said. “(The complainant thought) that they could put aside part of their party during the inspection. This stuff is worrying.

Mackie said he contacted authorities at Western to be aware of the complaint.

“We need our partners to scale up and manage their operations,” he said.

Mackie said it was clear that there had been measured partying outdoors, but probably an “underground activity” during FoCo.

“We won’t know (the kind of party) until these cases come back positive,” he said.

But Mackie added: “It’s also clear that the activity level is way below what it was in the past.”

University Student Council president Matt Reesor said he believes most students “follow the health and safety guidelines set by our public health professionals.”

“We were disappointed to see some of the residential students coming together in large groups,” he said.

Dozens of Western students have been infected with COVID-19 weeks after the start of the school year, with public health officials and others warning of student parties and other activities that violate the Ontario limits of the emergency law onsize of meetings to control the spread of the virus.


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