Week 8 veto ceremony results – Big Brother Network


Spoilers are for this week’s Power of Veto meeting on Big Brother 22 as the streams return and the HGs reveal the results. The PoV owner has made their choice and now it’s time to see what the Houseguests decide to do this week. Read on for Big Brother spoilers.

Cody is calling all the shots this week and his priorities haven’t changed since Friday. Maybe there’s a little temptation to take a bigger swing, but for now Cody is determined to kick out Kevin, the five-time nominee who has only won one competition and no HOH this season. . It seems silly to waste an opportunity, but Cody is working his way down his roster and he’s going to take out the non-allies before he starts spinning on his own. It’s well insulated this season, so it’s drab but reasonable.

Power of Veto Ceremonial Spoilers – Week 8

  • Cody decided NOT to use the Veto
  • David and Kevin are the final names for this week

David should feel safe and right now, which is good for him considering he won the $ 10,000 in the Veto competition on a safe shot. This move is still rubbing the HGs the wrong way, but it won’t be enough to sway votes this week. Watch for Kevin to remain the primary target and likely sent off Thursday night.

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