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Spoilers are for the latest Big Brother 22 All-Star series with the Veto contest now over and the HGs ready to start planning and planning what might happen next. Read on for spoilers to see who holds the power to change HOH nominees.

We suspected that Memphis was up to something sneaky when he went with Day and Kevin as nominees while he was previously focused on evicting David. Sure enough, after the players were picked and David was kicked out of the competition, we heard Memphis admit his goal this week was BD David. Will the house oblige him to carry out his mission?

Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Contest Results:

  • Tyler won the veto power

The guests were competing in a maze challenge as we saw in an aerial drone view of the backyard. It should be fun to watch play out on Wednesday’s episode.

Tyler was fired to play, then Day and Kevin * both * got HG Choice and chose Dani and Nicole to play together. Day already didn’t trust David too much after believing he reversed his vote on Thursday (he didn’t), so it’s no big surprise here to see that happen with the picks.

Cody isn’t happy to hear that David is the goal this week and told Tyler he wanted to make sure David stayed and would prefer Kevin to go instead. Cody talks about a great game and doesn’t do much when it comes to apps, so let’s see where it goes. But if Cody can twist Tyler’s ear, then maybe he stops Tyler from playing him, then David avoids the block and one of the current names comes out.

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