watchOS 7 is removing Force Touch support from your Apple Watch, here’s all that has changed


With the release of watchOS 7, Apple has added several new features to compatible Apple Watch models, such as new watch faces and sleep tracking, but it is also removing Force Touch gesture support that some users may have considered. like a second. interaction of nature on their wrist.
When users pressed firmly on the screen of their Apple Watch, Force Touch technology would sense the extra pressure effort and would display additional content and controls depending on the context. But in watchOS 7, Apple removed all Force Touch interactions from the user interface, making the Force Touch sensor seal from the Apple Watch Series 5 and previous models effectively redundant.

Below, we’ve rounded up 10 new features in ‌watchOS 7‌ that replace our favorite Force Touch features on Apple’s digital watch. Some are more famous than others, but hopefully you learn at least one thing about what a firm press on your Apple Watch screen did before, and what you need to do now that it didn’t. is more

1. Clear all notifications

The Apple Watch notification drop-down menu can get busy pretty quickly, especially if you often forget to dismiss an incoming alert after reading it. Rather than deleting notifications one by one, a Force Touch gesture lets you clear them all with a single tap.


Now you need to slide your finger down to scroll to the top of your notifications and then tap the Erase everything button.

2. Create and delete watch faces

To create a custom watch face with a background image, you always open the Apple Watch Photos and select a photo.

watch face

Instead of pressing firmly on the screen like you did before, press the Create a watch face icon in the lower left corner of the screen instead, then select Kaleidoscope or “Photos.”

3. Write a new message

When opening Mail and Messages apps, you used to reveal the option to compose a new message with a Force Touch gesture.


Now that it’s gone, you have to slide down to reveal the New message button at the top of your message list.

4. Change the travel goal and get a weekly activity summary

Using Force Touch on the main Activity app screen will reveal a weekly summary showing how many times you’ve exceeded your daily travel goal so far this week. Tapping that screen again revealed a Change Move Goal button to adjust the amount of calories you want to burn.


Both of these options have been replaced with individual buttons which you’ll find just at the bottom of the main Activity app screen, under today’s activity stats.

5. Share your location with a contact

While viewing a message in the Messages app, using Force Touch allowed you to quickly share your location with the sender of the message or view more details about the contact.


These options are now located at the very bottom of the message screen, directly below instant replies.

6. Switch between App Grid view and List view

Force Touch in the app view would switch between the default honeycomb style grid layout and the alternate list view.


In ‌watchOS 7‌, you can find both options in the Settings application under Application view.

7. Hourly temperature forecast and risk of rain

The standard forecast display on the Apple Watch Stock Weather app shows general weather conditions for the day ahead. Prior to ‌watchOS 7‌, using Force Touch in the app showed buttons to toggle between weather, rain risk, and temperature.

Weather forecast

Fortunately, you can still access these views just as easily by tapping on the 12-hour forecast to cycle through them.

8. Control the camera settings remotely

With the Apple Watch Camera app open, Force Touch would reveal a hidden submenu providing access to your iPhone’s HDR, Flash, Live Photo, and Flip controls.


In ‌watchOS 7‌, all of these controls can be accessed by tapping the three dots at the bottom right of the screen, which reveal a vertical scrolling menu.

9. Change the calendar view

Prior to ‌watchOS 7‌, changing display options in the Calendar app could be done using Force Touch.


These options are now in the Settings application under Calendar -> Show options.

10. Change and modify watch faces

Of all the changes following the removal of Force Touch, this is almost certainly the least abrasive and involves an almost identical gesture.

watch face

To switch between watch faces or customize the currently selected one, just long press the watch screen to call up the dial selector.

Final thoughts

Force Touch was one of those Apple Watch features that was so understated and unassuming that it arguably worked against it in the long run. Apple hasn’t explained why it removed the firm squeeze gesture in ‌watchOS 7‌, but few users might be aware of it to be truly useful.

It’s a shame, because just like 3D Touch on ‌iPhone‌, Apple has implemented haptic feedback technology across the entire watchOS interface, putting additional functionality at your fingertips. Of course, “3D Touch” went the same way as Force Touch on Apple Watch when the iPhone XR launched, which some argued suffered from the same lack of discoverability.

The ‌iPhone XR‌ introduced ‌Haptic Touch‌ to replace ‌‌3D Touch‌‌. While ‌‌Haptic Touch‌‌ (aka long press) is essentially a feedback mechanism, ‌‌3D Touch‌‌ offered real input options like Peek and Pop. This change has since spread to the entire ‌iPhone‌ lineup, allowing Apple to remove the capacitive layer built into the ‌‌iPhone‌‌ screen.

Are you going to miss Force Touch after updating your Apple Watch to ‌watchOS 7‌? Are there any other Force Touch gestures that we missed? Let us know in the comments.


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