Waskesiu hotel owner concerned about mixed messaging after COVID case led to temporary shutdown


As he was not showing any symptoms, MN-S said McCallum was not ordered to isolate. Instead, he continued with his scheduled meetings and was told his results were positive on Friday afternoon.Wood said she called the Saskatchewan Health Authority soon after and was told to self-monitor for symptoms for 14 days because she and her staff were considered “low contact.”

“We were also told not to expand our social bubbles, and preferably to just be at home or in the hotel,” Wood said, adding that she had canceled plans in Saskatoon for the weekend. .

“So the message we received, even without symptoms and without testing, that we received and understood was a complete contradiction as reported to the media by Metis Nation-Saskatchewan – that he was not told not to travel.

Wood wouldn’t say if McCallum wore a mask or walked away from the others while he was at the hotel.

Protocols listed on the province’s COVID-19 website indicate that a person with no symptoms and no known exposure needs to self-isolate unless a positive result is obtained. Wood didn’t have to close his doors but felt it was necessary to ensure a good cleaning.

“It’s a one-person show,” Wood said. “Because the positive person was in a meeting with over 30 other people, in good conscience we had to thoroughly clean all the rooms. They occupied 28 rooms.

Wood said there was a lot more than missed income at stake, adding that staff have had a lot of anxiety and little sleep since the shutdown.

“Their families are worried about them,” she said. “Now I can’t help but get a little angry when I see the effect this has had on my staff.”

At Tuesday’s provincial COVID-19 press conference, reporters asked Premier Scott Moe if he thought McCallum’s actions were irresponsible and warranted an investigation. Moe replied that he would not comment on any particular case.

“I will say that where there are instances where people are knowingly or unknowingly in the public health field, and the public health law councils that we have in place, there are active efforts to find contacts that are underway as well as whether it is decided that there should be active investigations under way, ”he said.

A call for McCallum’s resignation

paNOW received a copy of a letter sent to Glen McCallum asking him to “do the right thing and quit”.

The letter was typed by Jim Durocher, who has been involved in the Métis political movement since the 1970s and is the current president of A La Baie Métis Local à l’Ile à La Crosse.

“Never in all this time have I witnessed such unprofessional behavior that has been reported in the media in recent days, and especially your utter disregard for others you have come into contact with since you passed your COVID test last week, ”he said. , later referring to McCallum’s actions as “reckless” and “unforgivable.”

The letter was typed in direct response to an interview Nancy Wood conducted with CBC Saskatchewan earlier in the week, in which she claimed McCallum ignored calls to follow COVID-19 protocols, and also described her behavior as “Rude” and “followed his own rules. . ”

Durocher also suggested in his letter that companies like the Hawood Inn could seek financial compensation.

“The responsibility rests only on your shoulders [McCallum’s], and the MN-S should not be required to pay any fees you may be charged, ”he said.

Prince Albert Métis leader defends McCallum

Sherry McLennan, West Region Two Director for the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan, was also at the meetings in Waskesiu and had dinner with McCallum on Thursday evening.

“The president was not sick and he was showing no signs of illness,” she said.

“I would have done the same without getting sick. I still would have said, ‘Go on with our lives, I’m going to test negative,’ ”McLennan said.

In response to the public attacks on McCallum, McLennan warned people to be careful what they read, adding that the MN-S is in full election mode for now.

“Maybe he made a mistake, maybe he should have gone home and isolated himself but you know what, we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t when you are. a politician ‘struggle within the MN-S of the former leaders who want to return to power. “We’re going to put a guy on the chopping block because he didn’t do something right.”

McLennan herself has taken a COVID-19 test and is currently awaiting the results. In the meantime, the MN-S office in Prince Albert remains open while she works from home.

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