VW CEO confirms no Tesla deal pending


VW CEO Hebert Diess put an end to the rumors and confirmed that there was no ongoing deal with Tesla.As we reported last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk traveled to Germany to visit a few Tesla-related projects.

It ended with reports that Musk traveled to Braunschweig Airport, used by Volkswagen, to meet with VW CEO Hebert Diess.

Volkswagen confirmed that the meeting took place, but did not specify the nature of the meeting – leaving people to speculate.

Today, Diess shared a video of him giving Musk a test drive in the VW ID.3 electric car, but that hasn’t ended the speculation as some still believed a deal between Tesla and Volkswagen could be under development.

Hours after sharing the video, Diess commented on her post saying there was “no deal going”:

“Just to be clear: we just ran the ID.3 and had a discussion – there is no deal / cooperation going on. “

Along with the comment, he also shared a selfie with Musk:

There have already been rumors of cooperation between Volkswagen and Tesla, which already had partnerships with automakers like Daimler and Toyota.

During his short-lived attempt to privatize Tesla, Musk reportedly viewed Volkswagen as a partner.

There were reports that Diess was pushing for this. But not only did a deal fail – Musk ditched the very idea of ​​making Tesla private.

Executives at Volkswagen and its brands have been less dismissive of Tesla than the rest of the industry.

Audi CEO Markus Duesmann recently admitted that “Tesla is 2 years ahead of the industry in critical areas.

The Volkswagen boss has also implemented what he internally called the “Tesla catch-up plan” to bridge the software gap between the German manufacturer and Tesla.

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