Virus or no virus everyone must see Tenet



Photo: Melinda Sue Gordon

It’s a bit early to write the weekend box office numbers, as something completely ridiculous could theoretically happen tonight and throw everything into disarray, but tomorrow is Labor Day and our ancestors. unions did not get beaten up by Pinkertons for nothing. Speaking of doing things for nothing: all this quarantine that has been worrying us for six months! Oh sure it’s easy to stay home when someone delivers your groceries or when all the restaurants and bars are closed, but apparently everything goes out the window when Christopher Nolan has a new movie in theaters. Granted, you certainly won’t catch the virus from going to the movies, but it certainly doesn’t help. We talked to an expert about it and all.

But a lot of people don’t have to worry about that, because Nolan Principe made over $ 20 million this weekend. By comparing, The new mutants took the first place last week with $ 7 million, while that wouldn’t be a particularly impressive take before the pandemic, it’s a ton money for the mid-pandemic. In one weekend he doubled the amount of money The new mutants did it in two weeks (he’s sitting just a hair’s breadth under $ 3 million for this weekend). Again, Warner Bros. insisted for months that this was a movie that had to be in theaters and couldn’t be cast on demand or postponed until 2021 like every other big movie of 2020 has been, therefore 20 million dollars (national). he?

Move on, Imbalance came in third with $ 1.6 million, followed by David Copperfield’s personal story and Le film SpongeBob: Sponge On The Run sitting just under $ 400,000. So it’s pretty hard everywhere except Principe, but actually it’s good because we don’t necessarily want people to go to physical theaters these days and put themselves and others at risk.

For a more detailed analysis of this weekend’s numbers, Meet at the Mojo Box Office.


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