Vietnamese police seize 345,000 used condoms sold as new


Images broadcast this week by national Vietnam Television (VTV) showed dozens of large bags containing the used contraceptives scattered on the floor of a warehouse in the southern province of Binh Duong.Police said the bags weighed over 360 kilograms (794 pounds), which equates to 345,000 condoms, according to VTV.

The warehouse owner said he received “a monthly supply of used condoms from an unknown person,” the official Tuoi Tre newspaper reported.

A woman detained during the bust told police that the prophylactic agents used were first boiled in water, then dried and reshaped on a wooden phallus before being repackaged and resold.

VTV said it was not clear how many recycled condoms had already been sold. The female detainee said she received $ 0.17 for every kilogram of recycled condoms she produced.

Neither she nor the warehouse owner were available for comment.


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