[Video] Eddie Murphy explains why his stand-up comedy return has to wait now – Deadline


Eddie Murphy was planning a return to stand-up comedy this year, but then the pandemic happened.”We are planning before the pandemic hits, this year we would be working on stand-up and putting things together, but it all happened,” Murphy said from his home tonight, appearing in virtual backstage. of the Creative Emmys after its guest actor. Comedy Series wins its first Emmy for SNL.

However, the timing and his wait to come back to the mic later will work just fine for Murphy.

“These are really serious times, not times for joking,” Murphy said when asking about the importance of comedic comments today.

“I don’t know at this point if there should be a funny comment. We’re still right in the middle of it all, ”Murphy said without specifying everything that’s going on right now between the coronavirus, the election and #BlackLivesMatter.

“In a year or so we’ll need some comedic comments and some laughs, but now we’re right,” Murphy added.

Murphy even singled out his peer, Dave Chappelle, and his Emmy winner. Sticks and stones as being more serious than funny: “There were very few jokes. He was doing stand-up, but it was, like, serious.

Regarding when Murphy takes the mic, “As soon as it’s clear to go back out there, that was the plan, that’s the plan.” ”

Reflecting on his return to SNL Last December, Murphy said, “I’ve been on the show for 36 years to the day. That’s where I started, and going back and just like it was, and that (winning) on ​​top of that is really special.


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