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I’m not even sure where to start with this ceremonial plan of veto power on Big Brother 22. The Committee is panicking right now and they’re all ready to do whatever they can to prevent a renown from happening. Read on to hear the Committee’s ridiculous plan to hijack the POV ceremony on Big Brother All-Stars.

At 3:30 a.m. BBT on Big Brother live streams, Dani and Cody were talking in the HOH room when Dani decided to go downstairs and wake up Nicole, Memphis and Noel. The five of them gathered at the HOH to talk about what they can do to try to stop Day from using the veto power at Monday’s ceremony.

Dani tells Committee members that she plans to stop the POV ceremony after the names have delivered their speech, asking them to leave the room and their own speech. His plan is to beg Day not to use the POV in front of everyone, ask the names to leave the POV ceremony, and then ask everyone in the house to raise their hands if they plan to vote against Tyler. . That way Day thinks Kevin is safe for the week and might not be using the veto power. We don’t know if they’re going to be able to complete this plan, but I don’t see him changing his mind about Day.

Day acted like she was hesitant when talking to Dani, but she knows Kevin is getting a false sense of security. We’ll likely see Day use the veto power on Kevin this week and when she does, Ian will be put in her shoes. Either way, it looks like the goal has strayed from Tyler, although that’s what Dani really wants to see this week.

What do you think of this POV ceremony hijacking plan? Stay tuned for a confirmation later today with our POV meeting spoilers!

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