US Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi Says Deeply Concerned About India-China Border Issue


Raja Krishnamoorthi is the only Indian-American standing on the Select Committee on Intelligence.

Washington: An Indo-American congressman urged China to end its military provocations against India and to seek a diplomatic resolution to the tense border standoff in Ladakh.

Raja Krishnamoorthi said this following a confidential briefing on the matter by the House Standing Selection Committee on Intelligence, of which he is the first and only Indo-American member. The committee meeting was the very first on the issue.

“I am deeply concerned about this issue, which is why I drafted a bipartisan resolution overwhelmingly approved by Parliament urging China to end its military provocations against India and seek a diplomatic resolution,” Mr Krishnamoorthi said.

“I will continue to follow this dispute closely until it is fully resolved,” he said.

Earlier Thursday, Lisa Curtis, deputy assistant to the US president, told a leading US think tank that the United States is encouraged by India’s strong but responsible approach to Chinese aggression. “While still seeking to de-escalate through diplomatic means, India has also shown military and economic determination,” she said.

“Bilaterally, China’s recent actions on the Real Line of Control have further reinforced the importance of the US-India strategic partnership and our determination to strengthen US-Indian relations as a bulwark against Chinese aggression. in the Indo-Pacific, ”she says.

“Throughout this crisis, the United States has provided strong and unambiguous support to India, and our cooperation has deepened,” Curtis said.

Over the past few months, leading U.S. lawmakers have expressed concerns over blatant Chinese incursions.


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