UPDATES on Coronavirus: Children Line Up Outside Schools As They Return To Classrooms Today


Parents warned not to ‘dose’ sick children with pain relievers and send them to school

Irish parents have been warned not to ‘dose’ their children with pain relievers and send them to school if they show symptoms of Covid-19.

Dr Sumi Dunne urged parents to keep their children at home if they are not feeling well, unless they only have a runny nose.

“If you feel that your child is not feeling well, especially if he suddenly develops a high temperature, has a new cough, please keep them at home,” said Dr Dunne.

“Don’t dose them with paracetamol, don’t dose them with ibuprofen, and don’t send them to school.”

But she said children can have a persistent runny nose, which “can sometimes last a long time.”

“In that case, if the kid is okay and he doesn’t have a temperature, there’s no reason he can’t go to school or why he can’t go to school. nursery school or nursery, ”she said.

Dr Dunne made the comments during an Irish Department of Health briefing on Monday.

Students return to school in Glasgow, Scotland (Image: digital / AFP via Getty Images)


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