Union’s “Worst Fears” Realized in Case of Breach of Privacy at the Labor Relations Board


Carpenters Union Local 579 says the recent privacy breach involving Grieg NL confirms the “worst fears” of unions in the province.The union filed a complaint with the Labor Relations Board against Grieg in Marystown, alleging that the company attempted to interfere in a union campaign using information conveyed to Grieg in an email from the Labor Relations Board. job.

The union local is calling for an investigation into the reasons why workers have been fired by Grieg within days of receiving the email containing the names of workers expressing interest in joining the union.

This union says the layoffs took place during a statutory freeze when employers are not allowed to hire, fire, fire or change working conditions.

Union local president Mike Williams says the board and legislation are supposed to protect the rights of workers in the province. He insists this is not happening at the Grieg site in Marystown.

Trades NL, which represents thousands of skilled workers, points out that it asked the Minister of Labor to make changes to the board long before the incident.

Executive Director Darin King says the board lacks expertise in the construction industry. He says the organization of industry, where jobs are short-lived and people move around often, can be completely different from procedures in other industries.


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