UK’s largest Covid test lab ‘prioritizes rugby stars despite shortages’, insiders say


In July, Randox was forced to recall half a million test kits after checks revealed they were not sterile.It was also claimed that special treatment was given to swabs taken from those traveling to Dubai. On September 2, Randox said he was “delighted” to sign a new agreement to screen airline passengers in Dubai.

It comes amid an ongoing shortage of coronavirus testing across the country, with capacity hijacked from London and chaotic queues forming at testing centers.

A spokesperson for Randox said, “Randox takes great care to meet all of its contractual obligations and fully recognizes the critical importance of meeting these obligations with respect to the national testing program,” the company said in a statement.

“Randox doesn’t prioritize commercial work over other workflows. We do not comment on trade matters. It is not our practice to cancel large numbers of test kits on a daily basis.

“On average, Randox’s cancellation rate is comparable across the program.”


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