UK travelers can now visit only 12 destinations without restrictions


The government has launched a new campaign to help British holidaymakers plan their trips to the EU after Brexit, with rules on passports, driving and pets all set to change.With the Brexit transition period set to end on January 1, Britons traveling to EU countries in 2021 (as well as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) will be subject to additional controls and regulations .

Passports will need to be under 10 years old and valid for at least six months from departure, while travelers are also advised to check health insurance requirements for next year as European insurance cards disease will no longer be valid.

Some EU countries do not recognize UK driving licenses, and holidaymakers wishing to drive will need to obtain an international driving license.

Pet owners face some of the most daunting rule changes: European pet passports will be made invalid after Brexit, and anyone wishing to take a cat or dog to Europe will need to complete an application process for four months.

The government is also warning that UK travelers will no longer automatically benefit from free data roaming, although most mobile networks have confirmed that they will not introduce charges.

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