UK Coronavirus LIVE: Britain facing ‘very difficult winter’ amid London lockdown warning ‘expected to arrive on Monday’


“Ministers could face resistance from the backbench against lockdown measures”Influential Tory MP Sir Graham Brady has signaled that ministers could face backbench resistance if they try to introduce new lockdown measures without full scrutiny in Parliament.

He said ministers had “gotten into the habit of governing by executive order”, adding: “The British people are not used to being treated like children.”

Sir Graham, chairman of the powerful Conservative backbench committee of 1922, tabled an amendment that would force the government to put any new measures to a vote by MPs.

He said that a closer look at the so-called rule of six would have left MPs wondering why the limit was set at six and not eight or ten and why children were included in England and not the Country Wales or Scotland.

He questioned whether the lockdown strategy had worked, referring to the situation in Sweden, where such restrictions were not being used.

And he denied that further scrutiny would prevent ministers from acting quickly to deal with the pandemic.

“Governments find it quite possible to bring things to Parliament very quickly when they want to,” Sir Graham told Today.


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