UEFA announce key rule change that will affect Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham this season


UEFA has confirmed that clubs will be able to use five substitutions in European competitions this season. This means that English Champions League and Europa League clubs will be able to replace five players in a game – although they cannot do so in the Premier League.

Premier League clubs have controversially voted against allowing five substitutes this season, instead reverting to three subs per game.

The news will be welcome for managers concerned about match congestion in a truncated 20/21 season, with more players now enjoying a brief respite in a competition.

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Top European clubs had previously lobbied UEFA to allow five subs per game for this season after only three subs were allowed in the qualifying rounds of European competitions.

Several English club managers involved in Europe have already spoken out against the decision not to allow five subs per game this season.

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard, who hit the drum for five subs last season.

He said: “The players need to have a break to play at the level and quality of the Premier League. ”

Jose Mourinho also said he saw “no problem” in maintaining the rule that was used at the end of last season.

“The five submarines, I don’t mind. In the majority of matches, I myself didn’t feel the need for that, ”said the Spurs boss.

“But one thing is not necessary, another is bad luck. So if you have the chance to do that, I don’t think that’s a problem.

“Because it can only be done in three periods, it doesn’t affect the real time of the game much more, the coaches cannot stop the game five times as you know. I think it’s okay.

“I don’t see a problem with that at all. ”

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has also previously spoken of his anger at only being able to use three submarines this season.

He said: “I don’t understand why in this incredible time when everyone is concerned about Covid-19 and not everyone has the right to go to restaurants, or should observe social distancing and don’t is not allowed to do what you want to do – in this incredible schedule that we have after the pandemic, and (after) we ended the season late and started quickly – how we cannot protect the players with five substitutions. Instead, we stick to three.

“When the argument is that he favors the top five or the top six, it’s because people just don’t get it.

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“Guys who are going to play (in teams) below the top five or six – the teams people suggest are the strongest – have the same problem as everyone else.

“They have games every three days, and there is a way to protect the players.

“We have to protect the company, yes, but we have to protect the players, and with five substitutions, we are protecting the players.

“Forget the tactics, forget which favorite team is doing well. But I do not decide on these kinds of situations.


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