Tyler Perry’s newest billionaire mansion: private jet hangar, personal airstrip


Tyler Perry is officially Hollywood’s latest billionaire: Forbes recently assessed his net worth at over $ 1 billion, which brings the director, producer and actor across the threshold, into the club the most select in the world.

The Forbes announcement sparked increased interest in Perry’s business, and with it, the discovery that his new home in Atlanta is just perfect for a billionaire’s life. Perry has a series of properties dotted around Los Angeles and Atlanta, but this mansion outside of Georgia will most likely be the jewel in the crown. It’s currently under construction, with construction starting in 2018. Prior to that, Perry had spent years working on design and construction, so clearly he wants to make this his permanent home. To that end, he will include everything from a hangar for his private jet and his own personal airstrip, and even an organic farm.

As you can see in the video below, which includes aerial footage of the estate, it’s a huge deal. Estimates place the construction at 35,000 square feet (3,251 square meters), while the land itself spans 1,200 acres of land. The place is completely secluded, surrounded by woods, with an impressive driveway leading to the grand entrance.

At the back, there is a huge swimming pool with jacuzzi. The organic farm, which will house horses and other animals, as well as the shed, can also be seen in the pictures. The construction of the main building (the current house) seems almost finished.

Tyler Perry was able to hit the billion dollar mark because he owns the rights to everything he creates, from his 22 feature films to plays and over 1,200 TV episodes. Its Atlanta-based film production studio is the largest in the country and is worth $ 280 million alone.

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