Two BC restaurants have issued orders for non-compliance with COVID-19 rules


PARKSVILLE (NEWS 1130) – WorkSafeBC has issued three orders to two companies in British Columbia that have failed to follow regulations to protect workers from the coronavirus.A Dairy Queen in Parksville and Prima Pizza in Summerland were the only companies to receive orders following 1,594 inspections of restaurants, bars and cafes, documents obtained by NEWS 1130 as part of an access request broadcast to information.

An inspector visited the Dairy Queen franchise on the East Island Freeway on May 28. He said he saw “indescribable red [duct] tape ”on the floor meant where people should stand to practice physical distancing.

“Distinguish in [redacted] has been observed on several occasions as impossible or followed, ”the inspector wrote, also noting that the restaurant had no employee imposing a maximum capacity of five people.

The inspector also reported seeing a “narrow” plexiglass barrier at the counter and a hand cleaner used by workers.

WorkSafeBC has issued two restaurant orders.

In the first order, the agency ordered Dairy Queen to properly train its new and young employees on COVID-19 security protocols – which the agency says it failed to do.

The second order asked the fast food restaurant to ensure that the physical distance of two meters is made possible “through training and provision of personal protective equipment”.

In a statement provided by a company spokesperson, Parksville Dairy Queen franchise owner Sukhi Singh said that “the health and safety of our fans and employees is our top priority and we are sorry. for the concerns we have caused. ”

Singh said “all concerns” mentioned in the inspection report were “immediately resolved”.

“In addition, we reviewed the processes with our team to ensure proper training throughout the restaurant,” Singh said. “We realize that we did not meet these standards several months ago and we are committed to respecting them.”

WorkSafeBC has confirmed that Dairy Queen has complied with the orders.

The agency also issued an order to Prima Pizza in Summerland following a June 2 inspection by telephone.

According to the inspector, owner Kelly Kelso said he does not have a COVID-19 safety plan, which is required by all employers in the province.

“I said, ‘I don’t have a plan in a binder for the staff to read, but I have a safety plan,” Kelso told NEWS 1130 Tuesday, recalling his conversation with the employee at WorkSafeBC.

Kelso said he has since complied with the order and put coronavirus protocols in place, including limiting the number of customers allowed inside his take-out restaurant, posting and sanitizing.

After NEWS 1130 spoke with Kelso, WorkSafeBC said the order at Prima Pizza was still pending. Kelso did not respond to an invitation to provide a follow-up comment.


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