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US President Donald Trump would not say in his first debate with former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday whether he will urge his supporters to remain calm in the event of a contested election in November.Asked by moderator Chris Wallace, Trump said he was urging people to watch the polls to end fraudulent activity both at polling stations and with mail-in ballots, which Trump has told several times be a “disaster”.

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“I hope it will be a fair election. If it’s a fair election, I’m 100% on board, ”Trump said. “But if I see tens of thousands of manipulated ballots, I cannot accept this.”

” What does it mean? Wallace asked. “Does that mean that you are going to make your people take to the streets?”

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“It means you have a fraudulent election,” Trump replied.

“These people are not equipped to deal with it, number one. Number two, they cheat, ”he continued.

US presidential debate: Trump avoids condemning white supremacist groups

US presidential debate: Trump avoids condemning white supremacist groups

Biden, when asked the same question, vowed not to declare victory until the election results were independently certified.

“Here’s the deal: we’re counting the ballots,” he said. “Some of these polls in some states can’t even be opened until polling day. And if there are thousands of ballots, it will take time to do that.

Trump also said he relies on the Supreme Court to settle any disputes over the final electoral count. At that point, the court will likely include Trump’s third nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, creating an unbreakable Conservative majority if the Republican-led Senate votes to confirm it by November 3.

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“I rely on them to watch the ballots, sure,” he said. “I hope we don’t need it for the elections themselves, but for the ballots, I think so.”

Trump has previously refused to confirm whether he would agree to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election.

For months, President, Attorney General Bill Barr and other Republican colleagues have argued that postal ballots – which are being expanded or introduced in almost every state due to the novel coronavirus pandemic – will cause a widespread fraud, while providing little concrete evidence. . They expressed support for the solicited postal votes, which Trump himself used to vote.

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While Trump attempted to cite examples of voter fraud during the debate, these were fraught with misunderstandings. A story about a group of so-called Trump election watchers being denied an office in Philadelphia, for example, was due to many reasons other than covering up the fraud, local media pointed out.

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Biden pointed out during the debate that members of the military have been voting by mail since the Civil War and refuted arguments by Trump and Republicans that mail balloting would lead to widespread fraud.

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“Why is it for them somehow not fraudulent,” Biden asked, of the military. “It’s the same process. It is honest.

Biden concluded by promising that not only would he accept the results if he lost, but Trump would too.

“Once the winner is declared and all the ballots are counted, all the votes are counted, that will be the end of it,” he said.

“If we get the votes, he will leave. He cannot stay in power. It will not happen. So vote, ”he said earlier, speaking directly to the camera.

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