Trump to present Presidential Medal of Freedom to former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz


– Lou Holtz gave an impassioned speech at the Republican National Convention last month praising President Trump. Now the favor is returned, with the nation’s highest civilian honor thrown in good measure. Trump on Friday announced he would award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to the former Notre Dame football coach, who has supported Trump in the 2016 election, as well as the next. “There is a man who is an incredible leader, Lou Holtz,” Trump said Friday, via CNN. ” I know him since a long time. He’s a friend of mine. Trump added that he had received “letters from almost every football coach in the country,” including University of Alabama coach Nick Saban, urging the president to give Holtz the medal, according to Yahoo Sports.

Holtz is part of a line of sports figures who received this award from Trump, including golfer Tiger Woods, former Yankee Mariana Rivera and retired racing driver Roger Penske. “We looked at Lou’s life and his career, which he did for charity,” Trump said on Friday. “Football is obvious, he was a great coach, but what he did beyond training. Holtz gave Notre Dame a 100-30-2 record over 11 seasons and also created a foundation that helps underprivileged students at the school. His remarks at the GOP convention raised eyebrows after he lambasted Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for being Catholic “in name only”; Notre Dame quickly issued a statement distancing itself from the comments of her former coach. Trump says the ceremony in which he will place the medal around Holtz’s neck “will not be too distant in the future,” according to CNN. (Read more stories about the Presidential Medal of Freedom.)


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