Trump says more people are said to have died from coronavirus under Biden


President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden fought against the coronavirus crisis in Tuesday night’s presidential debate by accusing each other of killing more people if the other was in power.

“He panicked or he just looked at the stock market, one of the two, because guess what, a lot of people are dead and a lot more are going to die unless he gets a lot smarter, a lot faster.” , Biden said on stage.

At another point, Trump shouted that it was Biden who would have killed more – calling his response to the swine flu pandemic in 2009 a “disaster.”

President Donald Trump (left) and Democrat Joe Biden (right) argued over the coronavirus crisis during Tuesday night’s debate, suggesting the other may have killed more Americans

Trump took out a mask trying to argue that he was not opposed to the mask despite mocking Biden for his mask

Trump took out a mask trying to argue that he was not opposed to the mask despite mocking Biden for his mask

Biden, who was vice president at the time, countered that 14,000 died and not 200,000. “We haven’t stopped the economy. It was his economy that he shut down, ”Biden added.

“If we had listened to you, the country would have been left wide open, millions of people would have died. Not 200,000. And one person is too much. It’s China’s fault. This should never have happened, ”said the president.

Biden slammed Trump for pampering China in the early weeks of the pandemic, claiming the president had not pushed hard enough to send letters to U.S. health experts.

“He didn’t even ask Xi to do that. He told us how Xi is doing a great job, he told us we owe him a debt of gratitude for being so transparent with us, ”Biden said.

Biden accused Trump of still not having a plan.

“You should get out of your bunker and out of your golf course sand trap and go into the Oval Office and rally Democrats, Republicans and fund what needs to be done now to save lives,” Biden continued.

The ex-veep mocked Trump for saying the coronavirus would go away “like a miracle.”

“And maybe you can inject bleach into your arm and that would fix the problem,” Biden also offered.

“It was said sarcastically,” Trump replied.

Trump defended his response to the coronavirus and told the public, “We are weeks away from a vaccine.” He also said of Biden’s leadership on COVID: “You don’t have it in your blood. “

Chris Wallace of ‘Fox News Channel’ pointed out to Trump that CDC director Dr Robert Redfield and the head of Operation Warp Speed ​​have challenged the president’s schedule.

“Well, I’ve talked to business and we can have it a lot sooner – it’s a very political thing,” Trump said.

Biden said of Trump and a vaccine, “I don’t trust him at all, and neither do you,” he said looking at the TV camera. “What we trust are the scientists.

The conversation then turned to wearing a mask and the countryside.

The president said he didn’t mind wearing a mask – although he rarely wears one and mocks Biden for wearing it – even suggesting that some experts didn’t think he helped prevent the spread of COVID.

“No serious person has said otherwise,” Biden said.

“Dr. Fauci said the opposite, ”Trump said.

“He didn’t say otherwise,” Biden replied.

Trump also said he was holding large rallies “because people want to hear what I mean,” while Biden has cut back campaign events due to the pandemic and medical experts advising on social distancing.

“Because no one will show up,” chuckled Trump.

“So far, we have had no problem,” the president also said. “If you could draw the crowds you would do the same,” Trump added, taking yet another chance on Biden.

Earlier, when Biden said Trump was not smart, the president retorted, “Never use the word smart with me. “

Trump then went on to point out how Biden attended the University of Delaware and “graduated the lowest or nearly the lowest in your class.”


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