Trump booed and met chants of ‘vote for him’ while paying tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg


President Donald Trump was greeted with loud hues and chants of “vote it!” when she arrived at the Supreme Court Thursday morning to pay tribute to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Videos from Capitol Hill showed the president wearing a face mask and standing alongside First Lady Melania Trump at the Supreme Court, with countless onlookers shouting and booing towards the couple.

The late judge was resting at the Supreme Court before she was placed on trial at the United States Capitol, becoming the first woman to receive the honor.

Flanked by guards and his former lawyers, thousands of people showed up to pay homage to justice Ginsburg, who died Friday of metastatic cancer of the pancreas. She was 87 years old.

Before his death, justice Ginsburg dictated a statement to his granddaughter calling on the president not to occupy his post at the highest court in the country.

“My most ardent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed”, would have declared the late justice to his granddaughter, Clara Spera.

Mr Trump defied the last wish of the deceased justice, revealing the day after his death that he would soon announce a candidate as early as this week. His Republican allies in the GOP-led Senate have almost confirmed that they will back any nomination he offers to fill the vacant position ahead of the next presidential election.

As he stood in front of the late judge’s coffin, the sounds of people chanting “vote for him” resounded on the steps of the Supreme Court.

Mr Trump and the first lady paid their respects and left, walking away from the coffin as the chants and chorus of boos could still be heard.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.


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