Trump Appoints Amy Coney Barrett To Supreme Court As First Debate Looms – Live | American News


… And welcome to another day of politics in the United States, which in this case means the fallout Nomination d’Amy Coney Barrett par Donald Trump to the Supreme Court, to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and also the countdown to the first presidential debate on Tuesday. A countdown and fallout and it’s not even 9am: The news is explosive these days, after all.As for what’s hot, it’s clear polls don’t yet reveal what effect the appointment of Barrett, a strict Tory to replace a liberal lion, might have on the presidential race. An ABC News / Washington Post poll today has Biden 10 points higher nationwide and the New York Times and Siena College make eight – which is good, but as Rick Wilson likes to say, national polls does not mean anything. Remember who won the popular vote of almost 3 million in 2016? Not Trump. Remember who won the presidency? Not Hillary Clinton.

Transitional State polls show Biden leading in some and razor thin margins in others. Look at Florida, Ohio, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and so on. Keep watching. Whatever Trump can tell you about how he’s going to get to New York, or even Virginia where he gathered on Friday night, look where he was gathering on Saturday: Pennsylvania. Not surprising.

Anyway, here’s a sample of our coverage of Barrett’s announcement, for which the White House Rose Garden was duped. to recall the appointment of RBG. David Smith’s Hamlet-infused sketch, who noted trolling, follows at the end of this article. Other:

More to come, including more links to surveys and Joe Biden’s remarks about the Delaware Supreme Court at lunchtime. I also think people should find this as funny as I do, at the moment the Guardian US Spotlight section has few talking heads, but lots of stories about buildings and food. Gag post-punk.

Here is David’s sketch. It’s worth a moment of your time.


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