Trudeau to expand flagship emergency wage subsidy next summer as larger provinces hit second wave of COVID-19


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But industry groups warn the devil is in the details when it comes to predicting whether SCAR will be more successful in the future than it is today. The government originally planned for SCAR to distribute more than $ 80 billion in aid in the first four months, up from $ 35 billion over six months.

” That’s very good news. This is what we need, ”said Leah Nord, Senior Director of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. “The wage subsidy will allow our businesses to overcome this bump, then stay open, and then thrive.”

For Dan Kelly, president and CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), keeping the wage subsidy longer means that many companies will not be forced to lay off their employees again if the current second wave of COVID-19 leads to more forced shutdowns.

“But just announcing it is part of it, the other is making sure it really provides meaningful support. The current expansion of the wage subsidy that was announced in July has lowered the subsidy very sharply and has become almost insignificant towards the end. Hopefully they will look at that trajectory and the reduction, ”Kelly said.

Another important promise made to Canadian workers by the Trudeau government was to overhaul the country’s employment insurance program, which has been called “outdated” and “insufficient” for years.

In doing so, the government promised that it would be amended to include workers who would not generally be eligible.


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