Trudeau says second wave of Covid-19 is already happening in Canada


“We are on the verge of a fall that could be much worse than spring,” Trudeau said in a rare speech to the nation. “I know this is not the news each of us wanted to hear and we cannot change today’s numbers or even tomorrow’s. These have already been decided by what we did or did not do 2 weeks ago.

“It’s too likely we wouldn’t get together for Thanksgiving, but we still have a chance at Christmas.” Together, we have the power to bring this second wave under control, ”he said, telling Canadians they have the ability to flatten the pandemic curve once. again.

Canada’s Thanksgiving falls on October 12.

The exponential growth of new cases is now a serious concern for public health officials trying to avoid a second lockdown.

The Public Health Agency of Canada has reported an almost tripling of cases over the past five weeks, with young people under the age of 40 accounting for the majority of cases.”Canada is at a crossroads with the trajectory of the Covid-19 epidemic,” Dr. Theresa Tam, chief public health officer, said on Wednesday. “Unless public health and personal protection measures are stepped up and we work together to slow the spread of the virus, the situation is on track for a strong resurgence in several provinces.

The health agency reported on Thursday that the daily number of cases nationwide continues to rise, with an average of 1,144 cases reported daily in the past seven days. This average was only 380 in mid-August.

Dr Tam stressed that Canadians can still prevent a rapid resurgence of the virus. “As I said, local public health authorities cannot do this alone, individual actions to prevent exposure and limit the number of close contacts are essential. It’s not just a matter of resources, it’s a reality of the current level of growth acceleration, ”she said in a statement.

“Not the time for austerity”

The Trudeau government and several provincial leaders have indicated that targeted restrictions may be needed, but they fear a second lockdown could jeopardize a fragile economic recovery.

Earlier Wednesday, the Trudeau government delivered its Speech from the Throne, intended to set out its priorities for the next parliamentary session.

The Prime Minister presented a response to the pandemic with the mantra: “Now is not the time for austerity”. Trudeau pledged to create a million jobs for Canadians through a combination of programs, including subsidized wages, skills retraining, and incentives for companies to hire new employees, especially in industries focused on the environment.

Additionally, Trudeau said he would continue to provide income support to the unemployed, including making it easier to access unemployment and a new benefit for those who are not.

He also pledged to help provinces that now face challenges with screening, long-term health care for seniors and reopening schools.

Canada has reported more than 150,000 cases of Covid-19 and 9,295 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins Global Tracking.


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