Transfer update: Klopp explains Liverpool’s status ahead of deadline


                                Il est peu probable que Liverpool fasse d'autres signatures avant la fermeture de la fenêtre de transfert, a expliqué Jürgen Klopp.

                                                                <p>Les arrivées de Thiago Alcantara, Diogo Jota et Kostas Tsimikas depuis la fin de la saison 2019-20 ont renforcé les rangs des champions pour la nouvelle campagne, mais le patron n'anticipe pas plus d'activité en termes de revenus avant la date limite du 5 octobre.

“I’m not expecting much, to be honest,” replied Klopp, when asked about transfers and his options at the center-back in particular.

“The position of the middle half – you think you’re well covered, we have three absolutely top, top, top-class center-halfs, young players behind, Fabinho in the back hand if you will, and then suddenly three the players are away for a few days.

“It’s not good, but you can’t, we can’t fix it in the transfer market, to be honest, because it’s just not possible and we won’t even try.” I think if nothing more serious happens hopefully we don’t have to try this, but if the situation stays as it is at the moment no nothing will happen.

“For everything else I think we’re now pretty well placed as a team and what’s going to happen on the out side I have no idea at the moment. We will see. “



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