Tour de France doctor says she didn’t endanger Romain Bardet’s health by letting him ride


Romain Bardet’s life was not in danger despite his pursuit after suffering a concussion and a small hemorrhage during his fall during the 13th stage of the Tour de France 2020, said the race doctor.

Speaking on the morning that the Frenchman did not start the race, Florence Pommerie said that there was no immediate sign of the injuries Bardet had sustained and in this case it was up to the doctor of the team to assess his condition.

“I don’t think so, no,” Pommerie replied to West France’s whether she and the medical team had endangered Bardet’s life by letting him continue. “Without immediate signs… the body, sometimes, is a machine that gives us time to show worrying signs.

“Often the signs come after the race, and in this case, like Friday for Bardet, it’s up to the team doctor to do what is necessary. In Bardet’s case, it was when he arrived that he felt disoriented. And yes, that’s pretty normal.

“The hematoma may very well be slight at first, there is no sign, and over time the hematoma gets bigger and then the signs appear.


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