Toronto’s COVID-19 testing waits long


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It took a lot of patience for those waiting for COVID-19 tests at Women’s College Hospital on Tuesday.

Those who arrived at 8 a.m. were still online at 2 p.m., with dozens of people in front of them.

Everyone was masked and some had the foresight to bring a lawn chair, but everyone was there to check their health.

Michael was in line because two colleagues at the bar where he works tested positive.

“Everyone at work needs to be tested. You have to do what you can to prevent it, ”said Michael.

Ramin said the wait times were just amazing.

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“It can be nervous waiting in the line, but I have to go to Halifax to see my family. To get a flight you have to get a result, ”said Ramin, adding that hospital staff came periodically to give updates.

Rachel had her 10-year-old son sent home because he had a stomach ache, and her options were to get him tested or keep him home for two weeks.

“It’s unfortunate because he was so happy to be back to school. Teachers need to take every concern seriously, so you can’t blame them, ”Rachel said.


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