Toronto doctor says multiple marriages led to 22 COVID-19 infections


Local marriages continue to be the source of the spread of COVID-19 as Toronto reports a further high daily rise in new infections.Toronto’s medical officer of health is reporting 86 new cases of COVID-19 across the city, including six confirmed as staff at local schools.

According to Dr Eileen de Villa, in the past six weeks, 50% of infections have been classified as close contact.

“This especially happens at events where your guard is down,” de Villa said alongside Mayor John Tory during their daily COVID-19 briefing.

“My team is currently investigating and tracking four separate marriages which have so far generated 22 infections. Remember, before they tested positive, these 22 people would have been contagious without knowing it for some time.

She says there have also been infections at small gatherings, including play dates and extended family gatherings.

The update from health officials comes as the rallies continue to be hotly debated within the Ford government.

The trend of positive marriage cases is worrying in the Greater Toronto Area. Early September, York Region Public Health said 23 participants tested positive for the coronavirus.


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