Tired of working from home? The Vancouver hotel offers rooms during the day


VANCOUVER – When the Belmont Hotel in downtown Vancouver opened in May 2019, it was an immediate success. But that all changed when COVID-19 virtually shut down the industry in March. “Typically we would be full every night. However, we are not far from it in recent months, ”said Managing Director Jeff Leung. “We think we should think outside the box. ”

The hotel has therefore started to offer a “Work from the Belmont Hotel” package for people who are tired of working from home during the pandemic.

“Me, as a parent of three daughters, it is difficult to work at home,” Leung said. “We believe that we can offer something private, exclusive. They can focus and increase their productivity. ”

Rooms can be booked for 12 hours at a time, with check-in anytime between 5 a.m. and 11 a.m. They are provided with a workspace and assistance from the front desk with tasks such as printing documents and delivering food.

Although they also come with beds, Leung says they are for one guest at a time, who is there to work. “It’s strictly commercial, productivity, work in a private space.”

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Ingrid Jarrett of the BC Hotel Association. “It allows someone to leave home in the morning, have a great, productive work day, come home and there is a semblance of order. Currently, working from home for many, many people is not doing very well.

Leung says the idea is working in hotels in Asia and the United States and believes it could be successful in Vancouver.

“Hopefully we can get some traction,” he said. “Honestly, we’re trying anything right now. It’s survival survival mode right now.


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