Thom Brennaman quits Cincinnati Reds


“My family and I decided that I was going to give up my role as the televised voice of the Cincinnati Reds,” Brennaman said in a statement to WCPO.

“I would like to thank the fans of the Reds, Reds and the LGBTQ community for the incredible support and grace they have shown to me and my family,” he wrote.

Brennaman was heard saying, “One of the f * g capitals of the world,” on a Fox Sports Ohio show last month.

The comment was made after a commercial break during a doubles game between the Reds and the Kansas City Royals in Kansas City, Missouri.

It is not known what led to this remark and the context behind it.Brennaman went on to say he was grateful for the forgiveness people had given him, especially those in the LGBTQ community, and expressed hope that he would one day return to the profession. “If I am given this opportunity, I will be a better broadcaster and a much better person,” he said.

He was suspended last month from the Reds’ show and issued the following statement at that time.

“I want to sincerely apologize for the inappropriate comments I made on last night’s broadcast. I made a terrible mistake. To the LGBTQ community and to all the people I have hurt or offended, from the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry. I respectfully ask for your grace and forgiveness, ”the statement said.

The Reds also apologized after the incident to the “LGBTQ + community in Cincinnati, Kansas City, across the country and beyond.”

The Reds tweeted a statement Friday confirming Brennaman’s decision.

“The Reds respect Thom Brennaman’s decision to step down from the broadcast booth and applaud his sincere efforts to reconcile with the LGBTQ + community,” said the statement from Bob Castellini, chief executive of the Reds.

Castellini went on to thank Brennaman for “bringing the excitement of Reds baseball to millions of fans” and praising him as “a fantastic talent and a good man who is still part of the Reds family”. Brennaman has been with the Cincinnati Reds since 2006. He is the son of former Cincinnati Reds radio sports presenter Marty Brennaman.

CNN contacted Brennaman’s spokesperson, who made no further comment.


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