This is the most expensive handbag Kim Kardashian West has ever bought


Kim Kardashian West knows how to have fun. The founder of KKW Beauty loves her share of beautiful things and she’s not afraid to buy what she wants. Kardashian West’s collection of handbags are worth flattering, and one is much more expensive than the others.

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Kim Kardashian West may be worth more than Kylie Jenner

Kardashian West owes its fame to keeping up with the Kardashians, which she essentially admitted in her Instagram tribute to the show after announcing its cancellation in early September. Kardashian West went from reality TV star and model to huge beauty mogul, founding KKW Beauty, KKW Fragrance and Skims, her shapewear line.

As of June 2020, Forbes estimated Kardashian West’s net worth at around $ 900 million – which, if Forbes is right, is actually more than Kylie Jenner. Forbes originally announced Jenner’s billionaire status in 2019, but revoked it earlier this year, saying she was probably worth just under $ 900 million, making Kardashian West the # 1 richest member of family.

Kardashian West’s most expensive handbag costs $ 100,000

Kardashian West loves beautiful things; she and her husband Kanye West spent $ 17.8 million on their house in Bel Air, then invested an additional $ 20 million to renovate it to their liking. But even for small items, such as handbags and jewelry, Kardashian West spared no expense. The most expensive handbag from the founder of Skims is his Himalayan Birkin, made from crocodile leather and valued at around $ 100,000. Kardashian West has been spotted with the bag on occasion, although it’s a bag she doesn’t use often.

Kardashian West has also lived a more minimalist lifestyle since the flight from Paris in 2016 caused her to re-evaluate how much of her life (and her possessions) she projects on social media, which could be the reason she doesn’t use the expensive item more often. .

Kim Kardashian West owns this $ 100,000 Himalayan Birkin.

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Her Birkin is still pale compared to Kylie Jenner’s $ 150,000 bag

While Kardashian West’s Birkin is one of the most expensive handbags ever made, it’s pale compared to Kylie Jenner’s, which costs $ 50,000 more. Jenner’s closet truly contains one of the most expensive handbags ever. The Kelly Niloticus Crocodile Returned Himalayan bag is worth $ 150,000, and Jenner and her mother both own the bag. The founder of Kylie Cosmetics took a photo alongside her mother on a private jet, with the two women holding the handbags. Jenner also remarked once that if she could only save one bag in a fire, it would be this one.

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Kardashian West said she was ‘very careful’ about spending money

The Kardashian-Jenners are worth around $ 2 billion combined, but that doesn’t mean they all spend money the same. Kardashian West has said in the past that she is “very careful” about spending money, despite everything she has. “If I overspend on something and a paid post comes in at that point, I weigh it and think, ‘OK, I have to pay for x, y, and z,'” Kardashian West said, according to CNBC . While she doesn’t have to think about her financial habits if she doesn’t want to, it’s good to know that she’s got a strong head when it comes to saving money.


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