There may be fewer PS5 Digital Edition consoles at retail compared to the base model – reports


It will be more difficult for everyone to find the cheaper digital edition of PS5 at retail.

the PS5 the pre-order process has so far been a mess. Unlike what Microsoft is doing with the Xbox Series X and Series S, Sony has not set the time / dates for the release of PS5 pre-orders online.

This culminated in a free-for-all that saw retailers opening up pre-orders shortly after the PS5 Showcase event concluded. There didn’t seem to be a plan in place, so it seemed like every retailer was just reacting to the moves of their competitors, which was a terrible experience for customers.

Sony admitted it could have gone a lot better and promised to replenish the stock throughout the year. But what Sony failed to mention is the difference in unit allocation between the standard disc-type PS5 and the cheaper $ 100 digital edition.

According to several reports, digital is much harder to find because Sony hasn’t done enough. Ars Technica contacted GameStop stores in nine locations across the United States and found that about 24% of the staffing was taken by digital publishing, while the rest were all standard.

20% was the most common ratio, but it could go as high as 33% and as low as 13%. A similar ratio could also be seen at other retailers that Ars has spoken to informally. VGC has also heard that significantly fewer PS5 Digital Edition units will be available compared to the disc model.

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan was even specifically asked by AV Watch to clarify the split, but he hasn’t budged.

“The relationship between digital publishing and the disc player model is currently something we cannot disclose at this time,” Ryan said. “We cannot give specific information on the numbers, but we can say that we plan to produce the number of units necessary to meet the demand for this type of model.”

“However, we’ve never produced two different console models at the same time before, so it’s very difficult to decide on the right number and the right ratio. We do our best to forecast demand, ”he added.

Needless to say, specialty retailers like GameStop would likely order more disc consoles, as this allows them to continue selling discs to customers, while a digital unit would severely limit their reach.

But it also looks like Sony itself may not be interested in offering the digital edition in large quantities just yet, as the initial launch allowance will be bought by hardcore anyway, so that may not be worth it. – not be worth taking a hit on – by most accounts, subsidized – digital edition until we clear this launch period. Of course, this tactic could end up biting Sony in the ass if Microsoft used it to sell more than its $ 300 Xbox Series S.

We may never get any clarity on this, but you can check out our PS5 pre-order page to stay up to date with stock updates at retailers and hopefully get a console in time for the holidays.


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