Theft is not going anywhere. And he’s exhausted.


“The concept of taking a flight to nowhere isn’t appetizing if it’s the same rushed cattle throwing experience as when you go on a trip,” said Malby-Tynan. “If that changed and you felt like you were going to a spa appointment or checking into a luxury hotel, and being allowed to lie down, then that would make sense.”

When Nadiah Hamid’s parents forced her to join them on Royal Brunei’s flight to nowhere, she thought the idea of ​​flying over her house was “ridiculous,” she said, but she changed her mind a few minutes after leaving as it allowed her to see her at home in a new way.

“Normally when you get on a plane you don’t really know where you are, so it was good to have someone contextualize things in our country and Malaysia, and the views were really beautiful,” said said Mrs. Hamid, 22.

Katie Chao, spokesperson for Taiwanese airline Starlux, said the airline strives to make the experience of flying to nowhere luxurious by allowing people to purchase packages for the flight and a stay at the hotel. ‘hotel.

Since August, the airline has made six flights to nowhere and has a dozen more scheduled until October. Most flights sold out within 10 minutes of their announcement, Ms. Chao said, adding that wearing a mask and social distancing is mandatory on all such flights.

“We try to provide a different and fun event at the gate,” said Ms. Chao. “We also organize special in-flight decorations. And, of course, a gift specially designed to go with the theme every time is a must.


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