The world must do more to improve confidence in vaccines


Then there’s the spread of disinformation, 5-G tricks that raise suspicion about Covid about the motives for Bill Gates’ large investment in Covid vaccine development.Well-choreographed anti-vaccine groups have sophisticated and coordinated communication strategies, are well funded, in parts have celebrity approval, and are adept at using emotional images and messages. The same levels of investment, communication networking, awareness and engagement are urgently needed around a new Covid-19 vaccine, if we are to maximize its impact.

One of the challenges is that we need a better argument as to why people should get vaccinated.

The message “vaccines save lives” is simply not enough. And messages from pharmaceutical companies will often be greeted by the public with cynicism.

The UK, in fact many parts of the world, is on the cusp of an ongoing cycle of lockdown, masquerade and distancing or a future where we find a vaccine – or vaccines – that are safe and effective, that have enough for everyone who needs it, and where enough people get vaccinated to get us back to work, to school , to socialize and to travel.


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