The Witcher season 2: the actor of Eskel gives up his role


Thue Rasmussen has announced that he will no longer represent Eskel in season 2 of Netflix’s The Witcher due to scheduling conflicts caused by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) The actor confirmed the news in an Instagram post on Wednesday , explaining to fans that he had to make the “heartbreaking” decision to quit the project after production was postponed. Although he was not involved in the following season, Rasmussen said he was “grateful” for the days he spent on set before the shutdown.

Image Credit: Instagram / thuerasmussen

At the end of the post, he thanked the fans for their support and congratulated everyone involved in the production, calling his time on the project “a truly inspiring experience.” He also said he can’t wait to watch Season 2 when it hits Netflix because he’s sure it’s going to be an “absolutely amazing” season, which he will now look at as “a fanboy rather than a witcher”. Rasmussen was originally chosen to play Eskel, another witcher from the Wolf School who formed an early friendship with Geralt of Rivia during their time together at Kaer Morhen. For those of you who have played video games, you also know Eskel from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by CD Projekt Red. At the moment, it’s unclear who will replace Rasmussen in the role.Season 2 of The Witcher began filming in London earlier this year, with a release slated for 2021. However, filming was suspended in March as Netflix halted filming of all of its movies and TV shows in response. to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Netflix has since resumed production on the second season of the hit show after receiving the “green light” to restart filming.If you’d like to explore the extraordinary world of The Witcher in the meantime, check out Netflix’s behind-the-scenes specials Making The Witcher and A Look Inside the Episodes.

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