The Walking Dead’s Negan is now a The Gathering magic card


Wizards of the Coast is collaborating with AMC’s The Walking Dead for a Magic The Gathering Secret Lair drop. Earlier this year, MTG players got to see their first look at the Zombie Token Card, and now Wizards is revealing that Negan is coming to play for the next limited-time set.

The Walking Dead Secret Lair will introduce all-new maps for MTG, and will be available for pre-order for a limited time between October 4 and 12 – starting at 11:30 p.m. ET on October 4. One of the new cards is none other than Negan, the infamous villain of the show who has no problem hitting his head with a baseball bat, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the show. Check out the map below.

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Negan is a legendary 4/3 creature with a very appropriate ability. When the card is put onto the battlefield, you and target player each choose a creature that player controls, then that creature – or creatures – is sacrificed and you get a Treasure token. This treasure token gives you colorless mana when you tap and then sacrifice it.

“The game design team really managed to express these rich characters with just a few numbers and a few lines of rule text,” Wizards product architect Mark Heggen told GameSpot. “Negan is one of my favorite examples; when it enters the battlefield it has a unique rule that forces one of your opponents to play this sick mind game where they have to choose and sacrifice one of their own creatures, but you can also enter in their heads and make them sacrifice more than they have to! It’s a fun time in the game, and it’s just like something the real Negan would do. ”

Putting The Walking Dead characters in MTG makes sense, as zombies have been a part of the card game for decades. “When at Wizards we started thinking about teaming up with an outside partner, we came up with a long list of worlds and characters that we thought were natural and exciting,” Heggen said. “The Walking Dead is a force of nature when it comes to modern horror storytelling, so it immediately jumped at us as an incredible opportunity. I knew the AMC team would be great partners, so we called them up and just clicked up. ”

If you want to get these cards yourself, you will need to order them from the Secret Lair site between October 4 and 12, and if you miss anything you will not be able to get them from Wizards of the Coast in the to come up. It is a unique affair.


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