“The Venture Bros.” Now Officially Canceled By Adult Swim, Says Creator Christopher McCulloch; Indices net of a possible continuation – Deadline


UPDATED: Monday, Adult swimming vigorous The Venture Bros. officially ended.Series creator Christopher McCulloch took to Twitter – under his pseudonym Jackson Publick – and confirmed the show’s demise.

“We had the very disappointing news a few months ago,” wrote McCulloch, “as we wrote what would have been Season 8. We thank you, our incredible fans, for 17 years of your kind (and patient) Warning.”

That’s right, according to James Urbaniak who voiced Dr. Venture and many others, the show’s pilot aired 17 years ago. In a topical tweet, Urbaniak called The Venture Bros., “One of the great gifts of my life and my career. “

The show was a shipment of Johnny Quest. It centered around the Venture family: teenage brothers Dean and Hank, their science father Rusty, family bodyguard Brock Sampson, and a long list of villains. McCulloch and co-writer Doc Hammer have voiced many characters.

Following Publick’s announcement, Adult Swim tweeted that the network was looking for ways to continue the long-running series’ story.

The series in the series consisted of 83 episodes over 7 seasons in all, with long and long breaks between each season.


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